I am evaluating Genian NG NAC Enterprise  version 5.0.23 and i have some questions about it.
does Genian NAC can handle these situation:
1- if critical windows updates are not install on endpoint, Genian agent quarantine (block LAN and internet networks) these endpoints?
2-I am using McAfee ePO and McAfee Endpoint Security 10.6.1, if McAfee ENS is not updated (for example 4 days) Genian agent quarantine (block LAN and internet access) outdated endpoint?
I saw in Genian documents that it can identify McAfee Endpoint Security in version 5.0.24 but last version released is 5.0.23. in my lab Genian Agent can detect McAfee Endpoint Security but it cant identify Software Version, Engine Version, Engine Updated and Latest inspection time, is there any solution for this problem?
Best Regards.