Edit Your Account and Deal

Let’s work together to close your deal

1. Who Is Our Customer?

First, please provide your customer information. Your customer’s website is critical to understand their business so we can provide you with related information such as success stories, use cases, etc. So don’t forget their URL.

2. Let's Deliver The Right Product To the Customer

Second, let’s work on the deal. Indicate the Genian NAC version (Deployment options: On-prem and Cloud Managed) and Editions (Basic for Network Surveillance, Professional for Network Access Control, and Enterprise for Endpoint Compliance & IT Security Automation). Also indicate the number of devices they need to manage.

Not sure? Run a trial for your customer site after you create this deal, if possible. It will help you reach the correct number. With the information above, you will establish a more accurate expected revenue number.

Right after your deal is created, the registration status will appear under “Reviewing.” Once Team Genians’ review is complete, the status will be updated by the Genians account manager and you can see who has approved or denied your deal under the Team Genians section.

3. A Reward Is Waiting For You

Third, Partner Information. The most important field here is Deal Registrant, the individual who will be qualified to receive the reward once the deal is closed as won.

“Account Manager” could be the same as “Deal Registrant.” However, it might be different in the event you work with another partner or a different team. So please indicate who is managing your customer directly. Also indicate the lead engineer who is running the PoC and performing tech support.

4. Your Running Mates

Lastly, Team Genians section. Here you can find out who you need to contact to close this deal successfully.

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