Genians Network Access Control Software

This is the starting point to get Genians Network Access Control software (Genian NAC), which can cover both On-premises and Cloud-managed version. For Cloud-managed version, you still need to deploy Network Sensor into your network so please download the software to build Network Sensor.

The Current Version 5.0.42lts

Includes Policy Server, Network Sensor, and Agent features.

  • Format:  ISO image
  • Released: September 16, 2021 
  • Size: 1 GB

It's free for monitoring

  • Up to 300 active devices can be monitored
  • No license required. No time limit

Choose for Installation

Install Genian NAC (Policy Server + Network Sensor) in either Virtual or Physical machines.

How to Install

Upgrade Genian NAC Anytime

Genians provides three flexible editions of Genian NAC for On-premise and Cloud-managed version. You can upgrade anytime without disruption. So try now.


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What's new in 5.0.42lts

Long Term Support (LTS) version will be maintained with security and critical bug fixes for 2 years (until Jul 2023)
  • Added New Linux Agent
  • Added Trend Micro APEX One Support in Agent
  • Added Check Point Endpoint Security Support in Agent
  • Added Microsoft Store Software Detection in Agent

Genian NAC Components

Genian NAC Deployment

Policy Server in the Genians Cloud

Policy Server in your Cloud (AWS AMI)

Network Sensor (Virtual Machine)

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