Genians Partner Sales Training Videos

Session 1: Why NAC for Zero Trust Security

Re-design your business security environment without disturbing business operations.

Session 2: guide customers to Genians NAC

Session 3: Understanding customer's needs

  • How to find the right customer for Network Access Control (NAC)
  • How to meet the customer's requirement for NAC.
  • How to deliver Genian NAC (The software and hardware appliance)

Session 4: Network Sensor, why is that so important?

  • Rising insider threats for enterprises across all industries
  • How to detect and respond to insider threats immediately
  • Non-disruptive sensing technology, Network Sensor

Session 5: Replicate the customer success stories

Learn from our success stories in various industries and let's replicate success.

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing / OT

Session 6: Why is Genian NAC better than others

Learn why Genian NAC is superior to other NAC solutions.

  • NAC architectures (RADIUS, SNMP, ARP-based)
  • NAC deployment considerations (Components, Software, Maintenance)
    • Physical vs Virtual machines
    • Perpetual license vs Subscription
    • Pragmatic implementation and maintenance
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