Partner Updates, June 28th 2018

We hope this finds all of you having a great start to the summer season! Team Genians is looking forward to enjoying it as well by continuing to work with you and all of our valued Partners to develop even more global marketplace momentum. With that in mind, here are some key updates from our activities over the past month.

What we learned at Infosecurity Europe 2018

Genians attended “Infosecurity Europe 2018” in London on June 5 – 7. There, we heard stories similar to those from RSAC 2018, but in Europe they understandably had more of an explicit compliance focus. With GDPR now in effect, there has been a rush to address the topic across all industry sectors. Organizations are clearly working hard to assemble solutions that meet their specific enterprise requirements, especially since there is no “one size fits all” answer to the GDPR challenge – no “silver bullet.” More specifically, here is what we discovered from prospective customers at the event. Essentially, people want to:

  • View all IP-enabled devices in their IT infrastructure (What, Who, When, Where, How)
  • Manage authentication and authorization for new devices and users
  • Manage IP addresses more efficiently and securely
  • Manage endpoint compliance: Windows Updates, Windows Tools (e.g. Personal Firewall, BitLocker, Screen Lock, etc.), Anti-virus, USB drive access, and Applications (e.g. P2P, Chat, Game, Streaming media, etc.)
  • Detect any status changes against compliance policies in real time
  • Log all activities as part of the audit trail
  • Automate IT security and operations processes seamlessly

In sum, it appears organizations are attempting to build foundational cybersecurity frameworks to prepare for all compliance requirements. As you might expect, people were fascinated with what Genians has to offer. We should view this as a major business opportunity with regard to all enterprises that do business in Europe.

Excellent job!

Big kudos to Team Genians@Korea for winning the Cisco Hackcamp 2018 competition this month! Even Cisco loves the Genian NAC solution over their own Cisco ISE!

To learn more about this great accomplishment, see:

Genian NAC Training successfully completed!

Genians provided a full 3 days of Genian NAC training to Partners at our Boston office from June 13 – 15th. The training not only covered the entire array of expected nitty gritty techie stuff, but many of the behind-the-scenes stories about various major features courtesy of Genians’ CTO, Kyeyeon Kim, who invented the solution. As a result, Partners received a fuller understanding of Genian NAC in all of its feature-rich detail, learned about Genians’ vision for the company going forward, and also got to compare “stories from the security trenches.”


We plan to have another training event of this sort sometime next quarter (in the September timeframe). Please let me know if you are interested in attending.

In Closing

As I write this, the Genians Development team at our headquarters in South Korea is busy having an internal “developers conference,” aimed at further enhancing and strengthening the Genian NAC solution set. So, as you can see, we’ve not only been busy and productive throughout this past month, but we’re well-positioned to continue forging ahead with our global expansion plans.

Please feel free to share your feedback and ideas with us to help improve our collective efforts and create greater success for all of us via the Genians product platform.

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